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What To Do If Kratom Doesn’t Work For You


What To Do If Kratom Doesn’t Work For You

A lot of people have switched over to using Kratom for medicinal and recreational purposes. And while Kratom has been showing a positive effect on most of the people, quite a lot of people have found their body to be unresponsive to the usage of Kratom. Now, this doesn’t mean that Kratom isn’t meant for you. Instead, you need to read this post in which we’ve put up what you should doing if Kratom isn’t working for you. Read on:

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Right dosage:

You need to ask yourself if you are taking the correct dosage – that is, the exact quantity of Kratom prescribed for your age or illness. While most people respond pretty well to the prescribed dosages, if it really isn’t working for you, you need to take up the dosage by a notch. Be sure you do it carefully though – you don’t want to overdose on Kratom and then bear up with another set of consequences. Slowly and steadily, you can increase the dosage and then watch the effect it has on your body.


Quality of Kratom:

The standard dosage prescriptions are prepared, keeping a specific concentration of Kratom extract in mind. If your Kratom extract doesn’t match the level of the prescribed concentration of Kratom, your body won’t really respond to Kratom if you go as per the recommended dosage, you have to check the quality of Kratom powder you are using and make sure it’s on the same lines as that prescribed.


Tolerance level:

After continuous usage of anything, the body kind of gets immune to it. And this means that your tolerance level to that particular thing or drug has increased, which is why it refuses to act on you the way it did before. While Kratom tolerance to the body is something rare to happen, it does occur in some cases. In such times, you need to resist the urge to increase the dose intake of Kratom – you may end up getting addicted to the drug, without even realising it. Wondering what the alternative to this is? Stop using Kratom for a few days and let your body get used to being without Kratom. After a couple of weeks, you can start using Kratom again.


Storage of Kratom:

You need to make sure you are storing the Kratom powder properly. According to this Kratom guide, the properties of the Kratom extract will slowly deteriorate if not stored properly, and this will reflect on your body. Don’t expect the Kratom extract to work wonders on your body if you haven’t been storing it properly as you are supposed to.

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