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What Is Kratom?

Kratom Addiction

What Is Kratom?

Most people around are not aware of what Kratom is. And that’s because whether it’s safe for usage or not isn’t yet justified. But that hasn’t stopped a sizeable population from using Kratom for varied purposes for which it is supposed to be used. So if we’ve got you wondering what Kratom is, here’s a tell-all post about everything you would need to know about Kratom. So read on:

A tropical evergreen tree, Kratom belongs to the Mitragyna Speciosa family. This tree species has close relevance to the coffee family, which also explains why Kratom has similar properties to that of coffee. The leaves of this plant are used for medicinal purposes. However, lately it has been noticed that the use of this plant has gone beyond the medicinal spheres, and it is also being used for recreational purposes. Let’s be straightforward with this fact – Kratom is used as a drug these days.


But what exactly are the properties of Kratom that people use it as a pain alleviator or a drug? Kratom’s close relevance to the coffee family reasonably explains its addictive nature. However, there have been some pretty great uses of Kratom medicinally.

In traditional times, Kratom leaves would be chewed to relieve muscle pain, improve energy and appetite and also to stimulate sexual desire. All these properties of Kratom overlap those of its counterparts – coca and khat, which are commonly used drugs. The use of Kratom doesn’t stop at that – the extracts of these leaves would be used to treat cough, intestinal infections and also as a deworming agent. Kratom worked wonderfully as a deworming agent, with the bitter leaves being combined with a sweetening agent and then issued as a medicine. It would also be used as an anesthetic agent in case of injury and pain.

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While these are some of the uses of Kratom – unfortunately, none of them has been proved. The South Asian countries, where Kratom belongs and thrives, still use Kratom extensively for a variety of traditional and modern medicinal uses. Countries in the west haven’t yet approved the use of Kratom and hold a neutral stance when it comes to the usage and so-called benefits of Kratom.

The apprehensive Westerners are weighing between the pros, and the numerous side-effects Kratom comes with before they issue a safety tag to this drug. Until then, the use of Kratom has suddenly gained a spike, with people using it more for recreational purposes rather than the medicinal use – paying absolutely no heed to the warnings issued regarding Kratom.

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