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Kratom Guides: Side Effects, Strains, Dosage & More

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Kratom Guides: Side Effects, Strains, Dosage & More

If you’ve never heard of Kratom before, you’re probably wondering what is Kratom and what does it do. As we go on, we’re going to fill you in on everything you’ll need to know about this plant. If anyone ever asks you what is Kratom, you’re surely going to know exactly what it is after you’ve read through our article.

What Is Kratom?

Firstly, Kratom goes by the name of Mitragyna speciosa. This particular plant is known to be a native of the South-east Asian territory. Kratom has also been known to grow over 55 feet in height and roughly 15 feet at its circumference. However, there are also a series of different terms that are found and used widely to represent this slightly psychoactive plant that comes from the coffee family.

This wonder of a plant has existed long before any of us knew it was even here and as soon as it was discovered, several experiments were carried out on it. It’s also good to keep in mind that our local media only tends to show us what they think is best and not because something isn’t shown means that it doesn’t exist in nature. A Dutch botanist was the first to make this wonderful discovery and he later went on to regrow the Kratom tree. However, during his Kratom adventure, he discovered that he felt much more relaxed, motivated, energized and significantly happier when he was around the tree.

In 1839, another botanist known as Pieter Korthals discovered the Kratom plant and shared his many phenomena about the plant with the people who were native to Asian countries. Hence, Kratom was very well known for healing people of the time. This magical plant was aiding several people who suffered from both injuries and stress. The Asian natives began picking and chewing the leaves to experience its healing properties.

As any of us could imagine, upon discovery, the Kratom plants’ alkaloid level was extremely high. This was due to the fact that not many persons had picked leaves from the tree previously. During this time, no one knew they exist we’ve found information that suggests that their alkaloid levels were increasing as the tree matured. Due to this, the age of the leaves plays a huge part in how potent the alkaloid levels of Kratom are.

In essence, the natives used the Kratom leaves as a little “pick me up” in a similar manner to how most of us consume coffee in this day and age. If you didn’t know, we’ve seen how largely Kratom is being widely portrayed in a highly negative way by various media sources. Hence, it is now becoming harder to learn about the facts as well as even make a decision on whether it is right for you.

Is Kratom Just A New Trend?

If you’re a lover of nature and nature conservation, this common question is sure to come up on more than just one occasion. Each time Kratom is mentioned, everyone wants to actively know how long it’ll be around for. However, we’d like to further inform you that Kratom is in no way anything like heroin or various opiates of this particular nature. Kratom has known to readily bind to your receptors just like that of opiates.

Additionally, it possesses a striking resemblance to various opiates. Unlike several others, Kratom should never be seen as a drug. When Kratom is used, it allows a user to experience several effects that sound like something straight from a drug. As we’ve previously mentioned, Kratom is part of the coffee family and its effects are valuable to anyone who should ever need it.

As of lately, quite a striking number of individuals are easily turning to Kratom since it becomes harder to live with the constant use of regularly prescribed drugs. If you weren’t already aware, your regular prescription drugs do contain opiates within the, and while they feel great at first, they come at an alarming price. For most, one of the most painful feelings come from dealing with opiate withdrawal.

Opiate dependency forms at an alarming time and once it forms, there is severe mental and physical pain to face during withdrawal episodes. Quitting becomes extremely hard and for most staying on course is easier than being abnormal. So, if you’re interested in purchasing Kratom, it is recommended that you do so from a reputable retailer. Reputable retailers ensure that their customers are aware of various effects as well as the positive gains of any product.

However, there are several sellers of Kratom who heavily promote it as being one of the few highly coveted drugs on the markets, and they even promote it as being one that can easily get you high. It is essentially important that you always keep in mind that Kratom should never be introduced to you and others in this way. It is also highly advised that you do not patronize individuals and businesses that illustrate Kratom in this way; this only further leads to the negative publicity of the plant’s reputation.

As we’ve said a couple of times already, Kratom is a part of the coffee family. Hence, it is not affiliated with the narcotic line in any way and should not be easily mistaken. While Kratom has some psychoactive ingredients, it should never be mistaken for something that makes its users lose their motor skills when they need it the most. When used in its powder form, the most negative effect that can be felt is a pretty mild headache; however, when introducing a new strain to your body, be sure to go slow since you can experience some nausea if consumed too quickly.

Additionally, Kratom can be used on a daily basis for those who depend on the use of continued dosages. It is recommended that you view the section on What Happens If You Use Kratom Every Day for some more information on this issue.

Kratom Addiction

What Happens To Kratom Inside Your Body?

Simply put, Kratom leaves are required by users to get the desired Kratom effect from the plant. Due to the advancement of technology, we are no longer required to chew the leaves from the Kratom plant, and we can easily purchase it in the powdered form for simple ingestion. However, the traditional ways of ingesting would have been quite horrid considering the natural taste of the powder as we know it today.

The alkaloids found within the leaves have been proved to be extremely beneficial to endless individuals when consumed. As such, Miyragynine is one of the main alkaloids found within the Kratom leaves and it is known as a receptor agonist for mu-opioids. This means that it is a response that targets both the body and mind. Hence, the alkaloid easily binds to the receptor.

What To Expect When Using Kratom?

  • Various agonists such as morphine readily bind to the mu-opioid receptor within the brain.
  • Kratom has been known to easily bind with your mu-delta receptors, hence it is great for those who are dealing with opiate withdrawals.
  • When Kratom binds to the mu-delta receptors, it mimicks the opiate agonist giving your body a chance to get clean and fully recover from a toxic condition.

The leaves of Kratom contain what is known as 7-hydroxymitragynine, this is a huge alkaloid that is found within the leaf, and it proves to be much stronger than your regular drug like morphine. This becomes essentially useful to those who are suffering from a tremendous amount of pain.

Who Can Use Kratom?

Simply put, Kratom is used by anyone who needs it. For those who suffer from depression, anxiety, procrastination and even a lack of focus, they can now rest assured because Kratom is one of the best alternatives to soothe any of these. Kratom is the perfect natural alternative that you can use while minimizing the side effects. You don’t even need a prescription to acquire it.

Additionally, your mental alertness can be restored with Kratom and it is also an excellent painkiller. However, when taken in higher doses, it is a natural known sedative. Kratom powder is also great for those who are suffering from a really bad opiate addiction. If you didn’t already know, opiates are widely found within pain medication.

When Kratom is used, it brings on its own personal set of alkaloids and they act as the ideal receptor. Simply put, they fight against opiate dependency and they trick the brain into believing that is it receiving opiates. However, this is simply the alkaloid providing these effects. If ever you need to stop taking Kratom, it is significantly easier to stop when compared to any opiate on the market.

Main Types Of Kratom

Kratom is found in three basic types. These include, fast, slow and moderate. The names alone give a clear indication of how they are going to perform for you. Fast means that you can expect to feel the stimulation and alertness faster than others. When it comes to being slow, this involves a sense of relaxation and mellowness. However, this should not be confused with tiredness.

Moderate Kratom is right in the middle and it provides a well-balanced effect. If it perfectly in the middle of stimulating all of your senses. However, the true effects vary from one to another.

The Origin Of Kratom Strains

When given a name, Kratom is usually labeled from its country of origin as well as the veins of its leaves and stem color.

  • White Vein Kratom – These white stem Kratom is known to be the fastest strain you’re ever going to find. White Vein Kratom also promotes a series of highly energetic effects for various high energy acts such as exercising and others.
  • Green Kratom – Kratom that possesses a green stem usually has a moderate effect on its users and they will be able to experience the effects from both slow and fast strains.
  • Red Kratom – Red strains are used for its relaxing effect and give peace to those who want to unwind after a long day. The red strain has also been known to create a euphoric effect which will leave its users relaxed in a completely different way. Additionally, it is excellent for pain relief and insomnia.
  • Maeng Da Kratom – If you’re looking for the best, this is most definitely it. The alkaloids contained within this strain are known as being the strongest and the leave users feeling the full effects of the plant.

The 4 Popular Kratom Strains

  1. Thailand Kratom leaves are definitely more energetic and these come from the Maeng da strain.
  2. The Malaysian leaves are moderate or less energetic and the super green Malay is the perfect example.
  3. Bali or rather Borneo leaves are slow-acting and are known as the Borneo or Bali.
  4. If you’re looking for a triple threat, the Indonesian leaves make the perfect combo and they give the best feeling when it comes to sedating, moderate and energy.

When it comes to hitting any given strain of Kratom, you can get on every possible level available. However, the effects that you experience depend on the dosage that you actively consume. If you’re going for higher dosages, you’re going to be sedated. If you’ve opted for a lower dose, you’re going to become more energetic with Kratom; so, be sure to choose where you want to be!


Kratom is the perfect alternative when compared to one or even a series of prescription drugs that are being rapidly sent your way. These drugs are widely pushed and forced upon patients resulting in a series of other complications that are developed over time. In essence, these drugs slowly kill society and it is better to have a healthy alternative that doesn’t give the harsh side effects.

Why Should You Use Kratom?

From as early as any of us can remember, plants were used for a number of studies that indicated their benefits on the human body. Nature is well known for producing endless wonders just for us to find, and it is always giving us exactly what we desire when we do.


If you didn’t already know, poppy plants produce opium. Opium basically comes from the seeds of the plants and they are then transformed into both opioids and opiates. If you’re searching for more information on opium, Wikipedia has a great section on it.

It’s also great to keep in mind that while opium comes from a seed, it is purely plant-based and not really a chemical at all. In order to further determine these, scientists come from all walks of life and continue to experiment on these plants. So, if you’ve got a decent amount of poppy seeds, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got any opium. This is due to the fact that there are various processes involved in order to get opium.


In discussing another well-known substance, Marijuana is widely spoken about, and it is now being considered to be a huge benefit to one’s health. When it comes to this substance, if you inhale the smoke, THC is released. Hence, it should never be confused about whether opium and marijuana are the same in any way because they are simply not.


Kratom grows naturally in the wild just like both plants previously mentioned. However, there isn’t any special process that needs to occur before you can get the product. Kratom leaves can be picked and easily ground into useable powder. During this simple process, the veins and stems are removed to produce the highest quality powder.

If you’re discussing Kratom in the sense of a drug, removing the vein and stem is essentially important. Another important point to note is that even though Kratom is a psychoactive plant, it wasn’t derived and it is much safer than the previously mentioned plants. Research hasn’t even been able to prove that Kratom is responsible for any consequences as of now when used.

In regions where Kratom grows naturally, natives have been chewing the leaves for an eternity. One of the biggest threats that Kratom may be able to unleash is its power to ensure that the opium industry becomes less profitable. Kratom just might be the ultimate secret that has been kept from us for such a long time.

It should be noted that we’re in no way saying that Kratom is your personal answer but it has already helped several thousands of people around the globe. People buy Kratom because it is 100% natural and it doesn’t need to be smoked. Thus far, there are no side effects which are known to have occurred in those who have been using it since forever.

Most of the pills prescribed today have a ton of harmful side effects and most are bad when compared to the few good ones that exist. One of the only side effects we’ve seen to this day are some nausea when too much is consumed. Additionally, if you’ve taken too much Kratom, you’re going to feel a bit lethargic and drowsy. When it comes to Kratom, user experience is the best verdict and it is far better than reading or hearing about the pure fear that comes from others as they actively discourage users.

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