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Interesting Kratom Facts

Kratom Facts

Interesting Kratom Facts

The usage of Kratom is spiking up by the day. An increasing number of people have discovered this new plant-based drug as a solution to the majority of their ailments – ranging from loss of appetite to mental issues. But yet, this drug isn’t approved in a lot of countries, despite being widely used in the South Asian part of the world. Here are a few interesting facts about Kratom which you need to know. Read on:


Kratom goes with a variety of names:

Kratom is a popular drug in south Asian countries and is used widely for a host of medicinal and recreational purposes. And the fun fact is that in all these countries, Kratom goes with a variety if names – some of these names include – Ketum, Kakuam, Ithang, Thom, Biak. The names vary, but there’s hardly any difference in the usage.

variety of names

Kratom overdose can be fatal:

While many argue that Kratom is plant-based and doesn’t have any proved side-effects, it cannot be denied that Kratom overdose can be fatal. This is an observed and noted fact – several deaths due to Kratom overdose have been recorded. Apart from the direct intake of Kratom, this plant-based drug is also an ingredient in a lot of banned medicines. The usage and overdose of these medicines, too have been reported as a cause of death.


Kratom can be addictive:

This has been blatantly denied by a lot of people – users, manufacturers, prescribers – all together. But the fact that Kratom is addictive has been proven. Addiction of Kratom can go to such an extent where withdrawal symptoms begin to show. Suddenly stopping with Kratom intake can result in extreme symptoms such as eating disorders, weight loss, nausea, skin disorders and a lot of others too. Even mentally, the withdrawal symptoms are pretty obvious, with aggression, disturbed state of mind and nervousness showing up.

based drug

Kratom intake can be in different ways:

Mostly, the easiest way in which Kratom is taken is via pills or capsules. However, some people also prefer to use Kratom leaves directly. Chewing Kratom leaves is a way of intake and so is brewing the leaves to make Kratom tea. The Kratom leaves also form part of the food, with the leaves being chopped and added directly to the food. At times, the leaves are smoked too. Kratom is also part of some medicines to cure cough and cold.

Kratom has a lot of ambiguity associated with it – it’s very uncertain whether Kratom is safe to use or not. The question whether it’s fit for human consumption will be forever be looming over unless and until it gets a foolproof clearance from the countries where it is banned.

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